Thursday, 12 June 2008

White Nights - Ann Cleeves

This is the second book in the Shetland Quartet, and comes after Ann won the prestigious Dagger for the first novel in the series Raven Black, and it does not disappoint. I read a lot of crime and this is a glorious, who dunnit and I just did not see it coming. This is Agatha Christie set in modern times! The setting in Shetland is fantastic, very unusual and atmospheric. I enjoy the slow, careful plotting, with the suspense building and then the surprise! I cannot give too much away without spoilers. I am really enjoying her characterisation of the deyective Jimmy Perez.
We were very lucky last year to have an author event with Ann at Boscombe Library, she does a marvellous 'murder' evening - highly recommended, if one is coming to a library near you, do not miss it!

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Anonymous said...

I'd make this one the best crime novel I read last year. You got it right about the slow plotting, like a time-bomb.
Loved it.