Monday, 29 July 2019

Tenant for Death - Cyril Hare

Published in 1937 this is the first of the Inspector Mallett series.
This was one of his books recommended on the Bodies from the library reading list, and I must say I had not heard of him before.
It was a great read and kept me guessing until the end. His writing is tight and there is a somewhat legal wit. Cyril Hare being the pen name of Judge Gordon Clark.
Including as it does dodgy financiers, sly Estate Agents, and good solid policing there is much in this book to show that not much changes in 80 years!
I shall definitely be reading more based on this.

Bodies from the library 2019

Finally I was able to go this year to Bodies from the Library on 29th June 2019. As well as meeting so many Golden Age enthusiasts and sharing notes, every lecture was absolutely riveting. I came away with a long reading list which I will be presenting here!