Monday, 17 December 2012

Justin Cronin - The Twelve

This was worth the two year wait! Once again we are totally immersed in this post viral dystopian world. It does not disappoint and leaves us wanting more. The only fault I could find is that due to the long wait I had forgotten some of the characters and it would have been helpful to re-read The Passage but as it is such a big book I was a little put off, but a quick skim sufficed. This is an author that has really thought about his world and environment in depth and it shows. We also see the story arc of the characters growing and deepening. I am really looking forward to the next one!
There is an excellent interview with Justin Cronin on Amazon here

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christopher Fowler - Bryant and May and The Invisible Code

This series just gets better and better, if you haven't read them yet I thoroughly recommend that you do. They are best read in order as they have a fabulous story arc but the joy especially for Reading Groups is that they can effectively stand alone.
These books are well written, clever and intelligent. They also have some genuinely laugh our loud moments among the death and mayhem. The characters of Bryant and May are a delight.
In this latest book the ancient duo ( I am fast approaching them though!) take a case from their arch enemy. Will he be their nemesis or is it something far more dangerous and archane? This case involves witchcraft and not the nice white sort, Bryant is forced to make a pact that will have serious repurcussions for the whole unit and himself potentially in the future. I await with trepidation and enthusiam for the next offering.
There are some marvellous scenes, Christopher is spot on with the the braying Civil Service wives, Meera on her moterbike, Janice Longbright in a power suit, oh and I learnt something, I downloaded flashlight to my phone, brilliant I must be aging, as I discovered everyone else has it!