Monday, 1 July 2013

Lucy Clarke - The Sea Sisters

No wonder this book was picked for the Richard and Judy Summer read, it is really great. Having learnt that the author lives in Bournemouth, I took the book away with me on holiday and it was first on my list.
As the title suggests it looks at the relationship between two sisters. Katie is shocked to learn that her wild and impulsive younger sister has died in Bali, whilst on an impulsive backpacking world travel journey. The police state it was suicide and they even have witnesses that back this idea up. Unable to accept this and grieve stricken Katie comes into possession of her sisters travel journal. In a bid to understand her sister better and try and unravel what happened to her, the normally sensible Katie, decides to follow her sister. She gives up her job, abandons her fiancee and begins to backpack across the world with her sisters diary for company.
I cannot say too much about the rest of the plot without spoilers. What did impress me was the quality of the writing, the careful plotting that kept me reading on the edge of the seat and her tremendous insight into the relationship of sisters. It was spot on. 
This will make a great reading group read and there are copies available for reading groups in Bournemouth Libraries. A stunning debut and an author to watch.