Monday, 30 June 2008

The Lying Tongue - Andrew Wilson

This book is a cross between Sleuth and The talented Mr Ripley. It was only half way through that intrigued I read the inside cover and realised that Andrew Wilson is a biographer of Patricia Highsmith. As such I assume that this is a "homage" to her. I enjoyed it, indeed read it non- stop Saturday to Sunday. The ending of the book is absolutely great and it is very difficult to review this book without spoilers. Best to say, think present day Venice, a crumbling Palace, a mysterious hermit like novelist, an amoral young man, oh, and murder, and you get the picture. It clearly is not in the same league as Highsmith but it is close. There in though lies the question is there value in imitating anothers work? It would make a good reading group read if say one of the Ripleys were read with this. I await to see what Andrew writes next with interest.

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