Friday, 14 August 2009

Jasper Kent - Twelve

I really like unusual novels, especially ones that cross and challenge genres.

This is Russia, 1812, Napoleon is invading, an undercover, mercenary strike force is recruited from Wallachia to fight for the Russians. They only fight at night, they have amazing strength, they are superb killing machines. The only problem is, will they stop at the French and can they be stopped?
Reminded of his grandmothers terrifying stories of the voordalak, our hero Aleksei sets out to discover the secret behind these men and whether once set in motion they can be stopped!
This is a fascinating novel part horror, part romance and all historical thriller. The descriptions of Moscow disintegrating after the occupation by Napoleon are compelling, and the scenes of his rushing to retreat over the inhospitable snow covered country, pursued by the Russians and more ,are full of on your seat suspense.
This is a debut novel and I understand that this is the beginning of a series.

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