Monday, 2 February 2009

Stephanie Meyer - The Twilight Saga

Where have I been , you may ask. Well I have been totally immersed in this excellent series that seems to have taken over the publishing world. Vampires, wherewolves, teenage romance? Not your type of thing? Well all I can say is try them. They are fantastic. Stephanie is a master at dialogue, creating sensual tension and above all creating realistic relationships. This in a sense is what these books are about, how we interact with the world, how we cope with fractured family relationships. Dealing with different people and races. She also captures so well the isolation that teenagers feel, the depth of their emotions, and the maturity that they can bring to the world if they are allowed to do so.
I also suspect that Edward appeals as he is a teenager from another time, that he is a gentleman with manners, ideals and morals. And he is sexy!
It is very difficult to describe these books without producing "howling" spoilers. So I will leave any discussion of the plots for you to explore. I just want to encourage you to read them, they are very, very, clever.
The film is great too, wonderful special effects and fabulous scenery!

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