Tuesday, 3 February 2009

David Hewson - Dante's Numbers

These books are great. I just love this Nic Costa series. This is the seventh book in the series and when I saw that the action moved from Rome to San Francisco, I was rather worried, as a big plus for me is the Italian setting. I needn't have worried, David brings Rome to San francisco in the characters of our regular team, even Teresa Lupo gets to go with them......... I cannot give too much away without spoilers but David's deft plotting weaves the film Vertigo, with Dante and of course the Carabinieri get a drubbing. I especially like David's use of language I always learn something new, this book was a joy as it led ineluctably to the end!!
I was lucky enough to attend an author event lead by David Hewson, thank you W F Howes, David is an excellent speaker,and he did hint that Nic's future path might not be rosy, after the shocking death of his wife in The Garden of Evil, I guess we can expect more grief, I like the added tension and edge that this brings to the books, we now know nothing is sacred. Can a policeman have a happy homelife in reality? Can Nic take anymore??

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the book, Vicki. I'm quite kind to Nic in the next two by the way. At least as kind as a horrible boss like me can ever be.
If you'd like me to do an event in Bournemouth one day do get in touch with my publicist at Pan Macmillan. You can see the details on my website. I will be doing quite a bit in August-October since there will be a new Costa book and the re-release of my first Italian book, Lucifer's Shadow, in a revised edition with a new title, The Cemetery of Secrets.