Saturday, 11 October 2008

James Anderson- The Affair of the Mutilated Mink

This is the second of 3 house party muder mysteries set in the classical age of whodunnits. Sadly there will be no more as in this volume I notice that the publishers say that James died in 2007. This is a great shame as these are rip roaring fun, extremely silly but marvellous escapism.

In this story we have a group of movie stars arriving at Burford Hall and of course, what ho, there is a murder. There are wonderful allusions to other famous literary detectives, Inspector Appleby of Michael Innes fame , Inspector Alleyn of Ngaio Marsh fame and here Inspector Allgood of no fame whatsoever! He makes such a hash of it that dear old Inspector Wilkins has to come to the rescue, with his stock in trade answer as to his abilities to solve the murder " I doubt it, I'm not sanguine, not sanguine at all."!

Can you solve it before him, I doubt it!

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