Friday, 3 October 2008

The Enchantress of Florence - Salman Rushdie

I have to confess here that the only other book I have read by Salman is Midnight's Children and that was a long time ago! I am also not a big fan as a whole of the Man Booker novels, but always feel I ought to try and read at least one of the nominated titles. Well this time I picked the above and am I glad I did. This is a fascinating book strange, challenging but compelling. In this novel he intricately weaves the Mughal court of Akbar and Renaissance Italy. The plot in this novel is not the point, it is incidental to the writing, the description, the humour and characterisation. Yes we do want to know what happens to the protagonists but we are seduced by the scene setting, like the narrow alleyways of Florence that lead to treasures, like intricate Mughal paintings we are lead slowly and deliciously from beginning to end. This is a book to savour it cannot be read quickly. A triumph.

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