Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Victoria Vanishes - Christopher Fowler

I read this in a couple of days, I always know I will have a good read with one of Christopher's books.. This is the 6th outing for elderly detectives Bryant and May.These are such interesting books, quirky , clever, off the wall and fascinating. I love the humour that pops up and bites you, there were several real laugh out loud moments, many other wry smiles. This humour is black, wicked and thoroughly engaging.

Above all for anyone who has lived or worked in London they are a total education. I lived and worked in London for 8 years and I have learnt things I absolutely never knew about the city. After this book I wonder how many organised pub crawls there will be around London!

I love the idea that crimes can be solved by lateral thinking, by arcane knowledge, by instinct, rather than by the book, the host of characters Christopher produces are wonderful, even down to Crippen the cat! Oh and as for our lamented, departed pathologist's ashes! You will just have to read it, even better start at the first and read the lot!

The book ends on an enigmatic note, I can't say more without spoilers, is this the last book? Please no!!!!!!

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