Monday, 4 August 2008

The Fabric of Sin - Phil Rickman

I am a big fan of Phil Rickman, having read all his novels including those written as Will Kingdom! I do like a scare but also an intelligent one. These Merrily Watkins novels just get better. They are very hard to place genre wise. They are not horror, but spooky, they are crime but our heroine rarely solves them herself!
The Rev Merrily Watkins is a female vicar and the Diocesan Exorcist, sorry Deliverance Consultant, she has a teenage daughter who is a pagan, and a former rockstar as a lover. Through the books the personal story of Merrily has progressed from the traumatised widow to where she is today. The conspiracy theories are all clever and believable, even in this plot that includes Masons, Knights Templar and the Duchy of Cornwall. Phil has the capacity to encapsulate isolated village living and then crank up the tension until you have a book that you cannot put down. I am also pleased that the supernatural element has been included as it adds that extra spice!

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