Thursday, 19 May 2016

Adrian J Walker - The End of the World Running Club

A realistic end of the world scenario and taut, empathic writing, this is a fantastic thriller and reading group choice. I read this book in twenty-four hours I just could not put it down. It remains with you afterwards as you contemplate how you would have reacted in just such a situation. Why do I think it will make a great reading group choice? Because I just cannot wait to discuss it with other people. I can see huge questions and opinions being challenged. I loved having a tarnished hero, who thought he was rubbish; the rag bag assortment of wingmen who accompanied and cajoled him on his 500 mile run to meet his family; the set scenes when they encountered other groups and interacted with them. It all adds up to a deep experience, that reverberates within you and stays buzzing. I can see this as a TV series. Brilliant

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