Friday, 22 August 2014

Louise Penny - The Long Way Home

I was so excited to receive a review copy of this book. Louise Penny is a fantastic Canadian bestselling author and should be more well known here in the UK. I have read all her books so far and the Gamache series is fantastic. Set in Quebec they have an enormous sense of place and really make you long to visit Canada for yourself. Do read my other reviews.
In this latest novel we have the former Chief Inspector of Homicide, retired and living in the charismatic village of Three Pines. This is a reflective Gamache, a philosophical Gamache. His physical wounds may have healed but it will take time for the mental scars to heal. Surrounded by a supportive group of neighbours, (I love Ruth + duck), he begins  the long journey to full health. But then Clara Morrow the resident now famous painter asks Gamache a favour, to find her missing husband.  Unable to bring himself to refuse Gamache begins a steadily unravelling of just what Peter has been up to in the last year. With gentle skill we are drawn inexorably to the stunning and shocking climax. I once again was not disappointed, reading  late into the night to find the answer but all the while regretting the moment the book will end. Wonderful  taut writing, I am in awe.

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