Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fay Weldon - Habits of the House

 We had a fantastic event at Bournemouth Library with Fay Weldon and she enthralled us with tales of how she came to write and in particular how she wrote this trilogy.

This series is a must for Downton Abbey fans, particularly if you like a bit of wry humour and feminism thrown in. We discovered that Fay wrote the first few episodes of Upstairs Downstairs, the original series, and has been waiting to return to that era for many years.

We follow the Countess of Dilberne as she attempts to marry off her wilful son to a Chicago heiress for a badly needed cash injection. This is a clash of cultures that lends itself to much wry humour and social comentary from Prince Bertie himself to the lowliest cook.
Well all I can say it was worth the wait. This will make an excellent reading group book as there is much to discuss,

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