Friday, 20 September 2013

Kate Atkinson - Life after Life

I seem to be on an amazing run of reading excellent books. This book is just stunning. I have read everything Kate Atkinson has written and in this book she has surpassed herself.
 Why it has not won a prize I cannot fathom.
It is just so clever, beautifully written. It follows the premise, what would happen if you could start your life again, and again and again. Would you carry with you trace memories of previous lives, so you could attempt to correct the wrongs? At what point could your own life become widely divergent depending on the decision you made?
This book makes you think, to delve into your own history and ask, what might have happened if I did x?

Once again there is so much for reading groups and I can predict a lively discussion. So tell me, which version of Ursula's life resonated the most for you?
Did you want to change her life too?

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