Friday, 3 June 2011

Karen Maitland - The Gallows Curse

Another of our star authors for our Bournemouth Libraries Crime Writing Festival tomorrow. This is a book of love and treachery set in England at the time of King John. A young and innocent girl is tricked into being a sin eater. This are necessary because all churches and thus religious, weddings, funerals and of course absolution has been suspended. People are thus fearing for their immortal souls, well, the good people at least!
This book is full of mystery, atmosphere and wonderful writing. I really felt I was there, immersed in the period. Not a nice time but very interesting. I enjoyed the twists and turns, skillful plotting and suspense.
This would make an excellent reading group book with so much to discuss.
A brilliant idea is that the story is narrated by the mandrake!

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