Friday, 7 May 2010

Carlos Ruiz Zafon - Shadow of the WInd

I have just read this for the fourth time and it is still as fresh, engaging and simply mind blowing as the first time.

This book defies classification. Is it a crime novel, gothic horror, historical, political, or just totally unique?!

In the book we follow the growing up of Daniel Sempere, his father owns a book shop and we watch him struggle with post Civil war Spain, with love, with life and a unique mystery. To say too much would just ruin the story, read it and enjoy.

Reading it again you pick up multilayers and clever asides that you had forgottten or missed the last time. Each one is a gem. This is a book to read slowly and savour. It is a modern classic and a must for all Reading Groups!

On a personal note on the basis of reading this book the first time, I went to Barcelona and that doesn't disappoint either.......

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