Thursday, 12 November 2009

Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol

This book really is just what it says a Dan Brown novel. It is not some esoteric clue to enlightenment or a huge conspiracy expose.It has a mystery, there are arcane clues that need decoding, our hero is improbable ,( does anyone else think that Tom Hanks is hopelessly miscast????) and he attacks a powerful organisation. This time he has taken on the Masons and the USA!!

When he is on the subject of clue solving and history the book cracks along, and I did want to find out the solution. The philosophy and neotics were great. Not sure how accurate the history was though....... and as for the destruction of the Library of Congress - shame! However, his dialogue is not good, and in one place I fell about laughing (and it was not meant to be funny) as it read like a spoof melodrama. I also had a wry chuckle over his aggrandisement of Washington DC - exerting an almost mystical power; the Masons Headquarters - replica of a pre-Christian temple; The Jefferson Memorial - America's Pantheon; The Lincoln Memorial - America's Parthenon; the centrepiece - America's Egyptian Obelisk and all built and ordered by Masons! - and America apparently is still run by them............

I suspect that Dan Brown may have a problem with his next book, but as a best selling author perhaps he will not be fazed, any book after his last effort was going to be a disappointment, can he continue the roll, does he care?

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