Friday, 10 July 2009

Richelle Mead - Succubus Heat

A big thank you to Transworld and their Facebook page " What shall I read this month?" for a copy of this book. This is supernatural chicklit par excellence, oh and very erotic, but what can one expect when our heroine is a succubus and drains energy from men during sex! Here we have an underground world, set in Seattle, of angels and demons. This is a world where the demons run themselves like corporate America, no irony there then, plus they need a day job to pay their way.(Georgina, our succubus manages a bookshop!) Mixed up in all this is a thriller, romance, and a hostile takeover bid........ and I forgot to say it is very funny. So if you fancy something different and a bit of fun, especially if you like Black lace books and others of that genre, do give it a try! I've ordered her back list from the library!

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