Friday, 22 May 2009

Maxim Chattam - The Cairo Diary

This is a dual time novel, where a French pathologist, is in hiding in Mont Saint-Michel. This part of the story is largely irrelevant and very light, as such it just provides a framework for the story in the past. In that sense the story does not really work as we have little interest in the present day, however, I did find myself skim reading it to get onto the action so I suppose it did provide suspense!

The story in the past is set in Cairo in 1928 and concerns some horrific events there that involve children. I have to warn that the descriptions are rather gruesome! It is however really exciting and it is very thought provoking as the ending is by no means cut and dried, we as the reader are left to make up our own minds and I think it is this device that might make this an interesting Reading Group read......... also do ghouls exist and who are they!!

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