Monday, 7 April 2008

The Girl of his Dreams - Donna Leon

I am a huge fan of Donna Leon. This book again does not disappoint. Over the years her books have become darker and I think they are better for it. I find it a fascinating incite into Italian society with the thorny and often contentious issues that she tackles.
In this novel she looks at the position of the Rom. It makes very uncomfortable reading, but the varying reactions of all the protagonists make it a very honest and "real" plot. I certainly found it believable and very sad.

Luckily we still have the travalogue aspects and the food and wine. I positively salivated at the meal Paola produced, fusilli with spinach and mozzarella followed by calamari.......yum!

Donna has an excellent website, with an indepth plot summary so I will not repeat it here, but it is a must for all those Venetianophiles like me!

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