Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Duma King - Stephen King

This book is really up to the standard set by Stephen King's earlier books. It has suspense, the supernatural and horror. The book builds up the tension gradually until, if you are like me, you had to put it down for a while just to take a breather. I can honestly say there were several times when I was seriously spooked.

The book is about Edgar, who after a devastating accident in which he looses an arm, decides to complete his recuperation in the Florida keys.When he is not taking long walks on the beach, he takes up painting as a gentle pastime, that is when things start to slide into the realms of the sinister. It all happens in such a subtle manner that you are caught up in the life of this man and his recovery and then before you know it you are bang into a Dali-esque nightmare!

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