Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Of Merchants & Heroes - Paul Waters

This is a novel we were again lucky enough to be sent copies to Read and review by Pan Macmillan.

I enjoy historical fiction and this book was no exception. His ability to bring alive the Graeco Roman period is brilliant and this aspect of the Roman obsession with Greece an interesting theme in the novel. I liked the way he wove "real" characters into the novel.

This really is a coming of age story, a tale of revenge , pirates and conflict. It is also a same sex love story and this is where for me personally, I disengaged. I felt the novel needed stronger female characters to keep me interested and also there are only so many descriptions of men's rippling, grappling torsos that I can take!

I have added some reviews from our team in the comments below.


Vicki Goldie, author said...

After witnessing his father's death, a young Roman vows to avenge it. During this rite of passage he falls deeply in love with a young athlete and together they fight for their cause. I liked the relationship between the two characters Marcus and Menexenos, it was deep but not explicit. I found the ending something of a anticlimax. It would make a good reading group book, as it had intersting subject matter


Vicki Goldie, author said...

A young Roman coming of age novel where the main character struggles with then embraces his sexuality amid war and political intrigue. Some good characterisation and observation of Greek and Roman life of the period. I liked the gentle treatment of the homosexuality, the characters were well draw. I felt the plotline was abit unrealistic though. The author has a rose-coloured view of Greek life and ideals. There were lots of naked athletic young male bodies glistening with oil!