Monday, 23 September 2013

Jacqueline Winspear - Elegy for Eddie

Once again another excellent 'Who dunnit' from Jacqueline Winspear featuring he psychologist sleuth Masie Dobbs. Here she highlights the abject poverty that existed in the East End, whilst unscrupulous millionaires made money hand over fist.
The plot is nicely complex and as usual her excellent writing carries you back into that time frame easily. As the novels progress we move further into the 1930's and we can sense the presentiments of war. This novel involves the violent death of  Eddie Pettit, his fellow costermongers do not believe it was an accident and hire Masie to delve into it. Using her local background she manages to blend in enough to get the trust of local people and unravel the background

 Not sure whether this would make a good reading groups read, as the story arc is so engaging. As a stand alone novel it works as well and there is enough to engender discussion but it is not an obvious controversial choice. However, the series is fantastic as is her writing and I say each time start at the beginning and read them in order to gain the most benefit from your reading.

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