Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Martin Davies - The Year After

This is a real page turner from one of Richard and Judy's bestsellers.

Here we have all the ingredients of a country house drama, set in 1919, our hero has returned from the war a wiser young man than when he left. After a chance encounter he is unable to resist and invite down to the house that featured so prominently in his youth and the stellar family that lived there.
Now he sees it all with new eyes and is quickly drawn into the family lies and deceit as he attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding the traumatic events that occurred in 1914.

I am unable to amplify too much of the plot without revealing spoilers. This book is well written and atmospheric and I guarantee you will be unable to put it down. He has captured the period perfectly. I think it would make an excellent book for a reading group as there is much to discuss, not only the plot but also the social attitudes of the day.

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