Friday, 26 April 2013

Graeme Simpson

To say I hated this book is an overstatement, but I am absolutely sure that I did not like it. Perhaps I lack the requisite sense of humour.

This book left me feeling very uncomfortable as it stayed into the realms of disabilism, perhaps it is OK to mock someone with autism in  Australia but I don’t think that is OK here. This is not a gentle exploration of the condition as in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time, because our hero has no idea of his condition we are forced from the outside to look on. This then is the rub, one could see that this book was set up as a future film to appeal to the ‘jackass’ fans who don’t mind watching someone with a disability thrust into situations where they are bound to fail. It left me wondering what sort of educational system they have in Australia if our hero is meant to have reached being a professor at a university without being properly diagnosed.

Our hero himself is a likable character but he is certainly no Mr Darcy as I have seen touted elsewhere.

Given that I disliked the book I am sure it will be successful and will be a hit at reading group, where blows may even be exchanged. Is it ever right to laugh at someone disabled?

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