Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mark Mills - House of the Hanged

House of the HangedI  have just finished a Mark Mills fest. Started on the back of reading this book. I just could not get enough. So more reviews to follow.
This is his latest book and it really is great. It is set in France in the 1930s. It is an engaging thriller and I could not put it down, it took me two days and nights to read it.
I was a big fan of his Savage Garden, see review below, and this is up to that standard.
This would make a good reading group book as there is much that can be discussed in relation to the time period. It is very atmosperic, and you feel totally immersed in the setting that Mark has created.
The book starts in Russia, and then switches to France, it abounds with spies and murder and is thoroughly enjoyable. As with all these thriller there is very little about the plot that can be told without introducing spoilers, however it is to be recommended.

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