Friday, 7 May 2010

Jenna Burtenshaw - Wintercraft

This is a great book. It is being marketed as a Teen novel but makes a very good crossover novel for those of you that like me that enjoy them . It is fantasy at its most inventive. Forget vampires etc here we have a truly immersible environment. We have a country Albion set in a pseudo medieval age but with trains! I particularly liked the High Council ruled in a Venetian style political arena. Into this mix are born people with special skills, "The Skilled" they have the ablilty to see beyond the veil and some can walk within it. None more so than the family of the Winters who wrote the definative book Wintercraft. We have a powerful heroine in Kate Winters, brought up in ignorance of her family history but forced through circumstance to not only face her past but utlise it in the fight against evil and corruption.
I can see a series coming!

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