Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Marion McGilvary - A Lost Wife's Tale

This is a book about a woman who has run away, as the book unfolds we discover more possible reasoning as to why she might have. Edith looks like she has at last found happiness, what is it that could happen to spoil this, she has constructed her life so well...........
This is a disturbing book, and one that will be with you for some time, it will make a superb reading group selection as I think the moral dilemmas will have the group discussing for hours. Should we tell the truth? If we tell a white lie should we pay for it? Can you be too nice? Can we escape out past?
There is little more that I can say without spoilers, it is well written, just when you think you have a handle on the plot then along comes a surprise that forces a re-think all over again. this is an excellent first novel and I am sure we will hear more from this author, I do hope so.

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